Slide Our smart solution for your dog's pollution! Welcome To Caspers Dog Poo Patrol

We are loyal animal lovers who created "Casper's Dog Poo Patrol" to help other dog lovers be able to enjoy their homes and pets. This is Casper, our White German Shepherd we rescued into our life. We want to help you reclaim your yard as your own sanctuary, while no longer having to Hop Scotch through the poo any longer.

Scroll through our website to see what we have to offer, and feel free to contact us. A happy customer is our goal.

Our smart solution for your dog’s pollution!

Reservations will be followed with a phone call confirming service.

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We are keeping yards poo free!

Fully licensed, insured, and bonded.



We are available to clean up Dog Poo at Pet Events, Adoptions, Pet Shows, Parties, Animal Parades or any Event where you do not want people having to watch where they walk.

Commercial Accounts / Apartment Building / HOA / Kennels / Dog Park / Property Management

Prices: Vary Per Event. Size of Clean Up Area. CALL FOR QUOTE!

We are proud members of aPaws!


Weekly, Every other Week, or Monthly cleanup schedules available.



Have a special gathering or want a cleanup done for another reason? We can help.


For compassionate service, call us today!

We understand that your pets are more than just pets, they’re family.

Why Choose Us?

We’re animal lovers ourselves. We want to help you get back to loving your pets and worrying less about the cleanup. Contact us today to learn more.



  • Helpful to those with limited mobility
  • Frees more time for you to spend with family and pets
  • No longer tracking dog waste into your home
  • Healthier yards: free of potential diseases
  • Potentially disease fee yard which allows children and family a clean place to gather.
  • No longer stepping in poo and tracking it into cars and homes
  • Improve the quality of your lawn; poo is NOT fertilizer!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Services Area

If you’re within our service area, please give us a call today!

Our service area : Champaign, Douglas, and Coles counties.

Champaign county zipcodes: 60949, 61802, 61816, 61821, 61822, 61840, 61843, 61845, 61847, 61849, 61851, 61852, 61853, 61859, 61862, 61864, 61866, 61872, 61873, 61875

Douglas county zipcodes: 61910, 61911, 61913, 61919, 61930, 61942, 61956

Coles County zipcodes: 61912, 61920, 61931, 61938, 62440, 62474